UPS Shipping Rates

UPS shipping rates take into account many factors such a point of origin, destination, weight, date of shipment, size and urgency. For instance, UPS shipping rates may be fairly cheap if point A and point B are in adjacent towns but will be incrementally higher as distance increases.

UPS shipping rates may increase once again if air travel or international overseas shipments are desired. The size and weight of the package or freight are another determining factor in UPS shipping rates. Obviously, a standard letter will cost less to ship than a 50 lb. box of computer paper.

The date of shipment is also another factor one much keep in mind when thinking about UPS shipping rates. Is there a holiday included in the shipment timeframe? Along with the date, one needs to think about urgency as well.

Does the package have to be there overnight? Or will 2nd day or standard ground fill the bill. The UPS shipping rates for standard ground are usually much cheaper, though it is wise to compare shipping rates as surprises may sometimes occur.

When it comes to packaging, the general rule of thumb is the smaller the less costly. UPS shipping rates take into account the size and weight of the box or package. So, pack the box enough so that breakables remain unharmed, but take care not to overdo it so that the box does not become oversized an incur extra charges.

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