FedEx® Shipping Rates

FedEx® shipping rates can be more complicated that some other delivery companies. FedEx® shipping rates, like other enterprises, take into account weight, size, destination and arrival date.

When a consumer wishes to get a package from point A to point B domestically the FedEx® shipping rates are fairly straight forward. But, Federal Express offers additional services and thus charges that some other companies do not.

For instance, FedEx® has special shipping rates for businesses who wish the delivery company to come to their doorstep. There is usually a weekly service charge, plus a charge if a minimum in shipments is not met.

For international shipments, there are also duties and taxes, which must be calculated as part of the FedEx® shipping rates. Then there are special FedEx® shipping rates for freight that is over 150-lbs, which covers the United States plus 130 other territories and countries.

For those who want same day, next day, 2-day or international next flight expedited service, the FedEx® shipping rates will vary according to a number of factors. Because there are so many variables, it wisest choice is to compare shipping rates among the top carriers.

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